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●1990 - Liang Wu led his family founded "Lianjiang Yuexing Electric Appliance Fittings Factory in Jiangcheng lian"
●1993 - 03 months founded "Lianjiang Yuexing household electrical appliance factory"
●1996 in August 2002, the company changed its name to "lianjiang Liang Weiwang Electrical Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd.", the same year founded "Lianjiang City Zhongwei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd."
●October 2002 - the establishment of the Zhongshan Zhongwei Electric Appliance Co. Ltd
●2004 - 06 month "Lianjiang city Liang Weiwang Electrical Appliance Industry Co. Ltd." changed to "Guangdong weking Electrical Appliance Co. ltd."
●2004 by the State Administration Industrial and Commercial Bureau identified as "Guangdong province famous trademark"
●2005 - 05 months to set up Hongkong Weiwang electrical appliance International Co. Ltd.
●The Guangdong Province in 2005 by the chamber of Commerce approved by the chamber of Commerce director unit
●2006 - 03 months of the establishment of Foshan city Shunde District Weiwang Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd.
●2006 - 06 months of the establishment of Foshan city Shunde District Weiwang Electrical Appliance Sales Co. Ltd.
●2006 - 06 months by the Zhanjiang Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Zhanjiang City awarded the title of A-class taxpayers
●2006 - 07 months established Zhongwei Investment Development Company Limited
●2006 - 08 months in Foshan District of Shunde city weking life Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. was established
●2006 - 08 months formally established "Guangdong weking Group Co. ltd."
●2006 - the 09 month was named "Guangdong ten brand kitchen appliances"
●2006 - 09 month investment of 1 million yuan of the second production base (household appliances company) officially started
●in September 2006 group in Lianjiang City, collect 1000 acres of land, more than 60 million square meters of Viva world class industrial park, plans within five years investment 30 million yuan.
●2007 April Weiwang and domestic giant home appliance chain Suning, five-star formed a strategic alliance partners and building a powerful terminal system, marks the Weiwang embarked on the brand construction of the fast lane.
●2008 - 03 month life electric refrigerator production base weking officially put into operation
●2009 - Foshan city Shunde District weking kitchen appliance sales company was officially established
●2009 - weking group of refrigerators, cooker, electric water heater has become the national household appliances winning products
●2010 - weking group was identified as the "national high tech enterprise
●2010 - weking group formally established a provincial-level technology center
●2010 - weking group has become the focus of support of the government of Shunde dragon enterprise"
●2012 - Shunde weking Group Electric Appliance Co. Ltd was named "A-class quality credit enterprise"