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Weiwang brand was founded in 1990. Guangdong Weiwang Group Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale rice cooker production enterprise groups in China, headquartered in Jiuzhoujiang Economic Development Zone, Lianjiang City. After years of unremitting efforts, has now emerged as the industry's large-scale, strong set of product research and development, production and marketing integration of large-scale professional household appliances manufacturing enterprises.

Today, Weiwang has two major production bases, including Lianjiang and Shunde, as well as Guangdong Weiwang Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Weiwang Group Shunde Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangdong Weiwang Group Electric Appliance Sales Co., Ltd., Foshan Weiwang Life Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Foshan Weiwang Kitchen and Sanitary Appliance Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Weiwang International Group Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries. The business involves the processing of home appliances accessories, complete machine manufacturing, domestic sales and export and other fields. In 2007, the Weiwang Shunde Household Electrical Industrial Park, covering an area of 500 acres, was initially completed and put into production. With the need of diversified development, by 2009, Weiwang household appliances have been expanded to rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, induction cookers, electric kettles, vegetable and fruit conditioners, refrigerators, electric kettles, kitchens and bathrooms and other fields, and their manufacturing and sales capabilities have been greatly enhanced.
Weiwang has gone through 29 years of wind and rain since it started its business, and now it has officially embarked on the road of collectivization development. Since the establishment of the group company, the development speed has been significantly accelerated. With advanced technology and management experience, Weiwang's technological innovation and brand building have achieved remarkable results. At present, the annual production capacity of Weiwang rice cookers has exceeded 10 million units, and the annual production capacity of refrigerators and other small household appliances has also exceeded 1 million units, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 0.6 billion. With the successful addition of Weiwang refrigerators, electric water heaters and induction cookers to the national subsidy policy in 2009, the record of 2009 will be even higher. Weiwang's domestic marketing network has covered nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and overseas markets cover more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania.


Guangdong Weiwang

As a member of the National Standards Committee of China's rice cooker industry, Weiwang has been committed to innovation and development of world-class high-standard products. Excellent product quality has been recognized by many authoritative organizations and various world-class certifications: such as ISO9001 International Quality System Certification, China 3C Certification, Germany, European Community GS, CE, LVD and other certifications.
2019 is a year full of hope and challenges. Weiwang will continue to vigorously carry out brand building, promote product technology upgrading, expand brand influence and enhance brand image. In line with the service tenet of "integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win", Weiwang will surely achieve the most lasting victory in the highly competitive home appliance market.
In 2019, Weiwang Group has gone through 29 years.
29 years of glory, a hundred years of dream. Weiwang Group, never stop.

Guangdong Weiwang

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