●1990 - Liang Wu led his family founded "Lianjiang Yuexing Electric Appliance Fittings Factory in Jiangcheng lian"
●1993 - 03 months founded "Lianjiang Yuexing household electrical appliance factory"
●1996 in August 2002, the company changed its name to "lianjiang Liang Weiwang Electrical Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd.", the same year founded "Lianjiang City Zhongwei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd."
●October 2002 - the establishment of the Zhongshan Zhongwei Electric Appliance Co. Ltd
●2004 - 06 month "Lianjiang city Liang Weiwang Electrical Appliance Industry Co. Ltd." changed to "Guangdong weking Electrical Appliance Co. ltd."
●2004 by the State Administration Industrial and Commercial Bureau identified as "Guangdong province famous trademark"

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