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Weking Group's 2018 Myanmar Tour


On May 17, 2018, the China-ASEAN (Yangon, Myanmar) Product Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Myanmar Exhibition) was grandly opened at the MEP Convention and Exhibition Center in Yangon, Myanmar. Under the leadership of Wang Huayu, deputy researcher of Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Liu Haimin, deputy director of Lianjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Zhanjiang appliance enterprises responded to the national “Belt and Road” construction and actively participated in the Myanmar exhibition. Weking Group (existing Guangdong Shunde, Guangdong Lianjiang, Jiangsu Suqian three major production bases) as the invited exhibitor, its rice cookers, electric kettles and freezer display cabinets and other products received hot goods from Myanmar merchants at the exhibition. Become a dazzling pearl of Zhanjiang home appliances.

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