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Tips for using rice cookers, eight cold knowledge to eliminate safety hazards


The characteristics of the rice cooker are intelligent, the comprehensive function is selected according to the taste, it is more convenient to use, and the correct use of the rice cooker not only makes the rice more delicious and nutritious, but also can greatly extend the service life of the rice cooker.

Nine tips for using the rice cooker:
1. To make food in the rice cooker, turn the inner tank left and right several times after putting it into the shell, so that the inner tank is in close contact with the hot plate.

2. The inner tank and the surface of the electric hot plate should be kept clean to avoid poor contact.

3. It will automatically trip only when cooking rice, and if you stew other foods, it will automatically cut off the power when the water is dry. Therefore, you should master the heat and unplug the power plug in time.

4. The inner tank of the rice cooker is an aluminum product, which should avoid collision and deformation. If the inner tank and the heating plate do not match, the hot plate and thermostat may be burned. The inner tank is deformed and replaced, and it cannot be used instead of ordinary aluminum pots.

5. Do not boil acid, alkali or too salty substances, and should not be placed in a humid place to prevent rust. When using a rice cooker to cook soup and stew, someone should be present to prevent water from spilling into the appliance and damaging the electric heating element.

6. Put the inner tank first, and then plug in the power plug. When removing the inner tank, the power plug should also be unplugged first to avoid electric shock.

7. The inner tank of the rice cooker can be brushed with water, but its shell, electric hot plate and switch can not be wet cleaned, and can be wiped with a dry cloth.

8. Do not plug the power plug of the rice cooker into the lamp holder, the socket wire of the lamp is thinner, the current carrying capacity is small, and the electricity power of the rice cooker is large, and the current passage is also large, which will make the lamp wire heat, causing electric shock, fire and other accidents.

9. The rice cooker should have a separate plug and be equipped with a fuse of the corresponding specification. Rice cookers should not be used close to other household appliances, let alone used with other household appliances. Because after the rice cooker is heated, the water vapor sprayed will reduce the insulation of electronic components such as televisions and tape recorders, make the electroplating conductive layer of metal parts such as fan grille rust, and seriously cause electrical short circuits.

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