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Don't miss out on electric rice cookers tips


The rice cooker uses eight cold knowledge:
1. The power plug of the rice cooker should be connected to the power distribution socket of the lamp head or desk lamp. Because the wire of the general desk lamp is thinner, the current carrying capacity is small, and it is easy to age, or melt when heated. The power of the rice cooker is large, and the current is also large, which will make the lamp wire heat, causing electric shock, fire and other accidents.

2. Do not use the rice cooker to cook foods that are too sour or salty. Because the inner tank of the rice cooker is made of aluminum, cooking foods that are too sour and salty with it will cause the inner tank to be eroded and easily damaged. In addition, there should be someone to guard when cooking rice and stewing to prevent soup and other water from spilling into the electrical appliances and damaging the electrical components.

3. Don't bump the rice cooker too often. Because the inner tank of the rice cooker is easy to deform after being touched, the bottom of the inner tank and the hot plate cannot be well matched after the inner tank is deformed, resulting in uneven heating when cooking, and it is easy to cook raw rice. Therefore, when using the rice cooker, it should be handled with care.

4. The first time you use a rice cooker, it is best to boil a pot of boiling water first. 5--7 minutes after boiling, the magnetic steel thermolimiter does not lose the magnetic fall, which not only indicates that the rice cooker has normal performance, but also can wash the new pot.

5. When using the rice cooker, pay attention to the good contact between the bottom of the pot and the heating plate, and turn the inner pot left and right several times.

6. After the rice is cooked, the key switch will automatically bounce up, at this time it is not advisable to open the pot immediately, generally simmering for about 10 minutes to make the rice cooked thoroughly.

7. During the cleaning process, do not let the electrical part contact with water to prevent short circuit and leakage. After cleaning the inner pot, wipe it clean with a cloth, and the bottom cannot be put into the shell with water.

8. After using the rice cooker, the power plug should be unplugged immediately, otherwise, the automatic insulation is still working, which is not only a waste of electricity, but also easy to burn out the components. When not in use, it should be placed in a dry and free place without corrosive gases.

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