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Introduction to Electric Rice Cooker Working Principle of Electric Rice Cooker


Rice cooker is a kitchen and bathroom appliance that is available in every kitchen, which provides great convenience for our daily diet. We all know how to use it, but the relevant knowledge of the rice cooker may not be particularly understood, today I will introduce you to the working principle of the rice cooker , so that everyone can better understand the rice cooker.

First, the introduction of rice cooker

Rice cookers are also known as electric cookers and rice cookers. It is a modern cookware that can be steamed, boiled, stewed, simmered, stewed, and so on. The rice cooker can keep warm, easy to use, clean and hygienic, no pollution, save time and effort, and is one of the indispensable appliances for the modernization of housework. Now an everyday household appliance, the invention of the rice cooker has reduced the amount of time many families spend cooking.

Second, the working principle of the rice cooker

Ordinary rice cookers are mainly composed of heating plate, temperature limiter, heat preservation switch, lever switch, current limiting resistor, indicator light, socket, etc.

A rice cooker uses a heating plate to cook rice on the bottom of an aluminum pot. The heating plate contains an electric hot wire, which is controlled by an automatic switch. When the switch button is pressed, the switch crossbar presses the magnet upwards against the thermosensitive soft magnet. At this time, the hot wire is switched on and the heating begins. When the rice in the pot boils, the water in the pot gradually decreases. When the water begins to dry, the temperature in the pot rises from 100°C. When it rises to 103 °C, the temperature sensing soft magnet is not attracted by the magnet, and the lever of the switch drops due to the elasticity of the spring and its own gravity, and the pressure separates the contact points, and the hot wire is powered off. At the same time, turn on another insulation circuit and keep the temperature of the rice at about 70 °C, that is, to achieve the insulation effect.

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