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Common faults and maintenance methods of rice cookers


Rice cooker maintenance I believe that everyone is more familiar, the rice cooker at home can generally be used for several years, but the use of a long time will inevitably appear such and such problems, but the general rice cooker after a period of use will appear some small failures, then we have to start thinking about how to repair the rice cooker, the following is the common faults of the rice cooker sorted out and rice cooker maintenance methods, welcome to read and reference!

Common faults and maintenance methods of rice cookers Due to some common faults of rice cookers, multi-purpose pots, and induction cookers, coming back for repair not only increases a lot of after-sales pressure for us, but also causes a lot of unnecessary losses such as breakage, breakage, round-trip freight and so on for both parties, so our department has sorted out some common fault maintenance methods.
1. The shell is deflated, the base is misaligned:
turn over the pot, open the back cover Rose, and then loosen the base Rose to reset the misplaced base, tighten the Rose, the deflated place, you need to use your hand or plastic spoon to slowly vacate from the inside, when freeing up, try not to vacate the dead fold, and then one hand in the inside, the other hand with a plastic spoon or pot ears, slowly scrape the folded place flat, scraping must be slow, even force, if some places are still obvious after scraping, Just stick a nice sticker. After the above situation is repaired, be sure to check whether the contacts can be combined when the key is pressed, and the keys can be separated after tripping, if not, you must adjust it.
2. Rice is not cooked and tripped:
(1) The ratio of rice and water is not right, the water is less, and the amount of water released by different rice is different due to the different water absorption of rice. Method: Adjust the ratio of rice and water and try again.
(2) After the deformation of the pot bladder or the deformation of the pot bladder, the heating plate is deformed by artificial strong heating. Method: Frying pan gall, change the heating plate.
(3) The magnetic steel suction force is inevitable or the elasticity is not good. Method: Replace the magnet with a new one.
(4) There are foreign objects such as rice grains between the pot bladder and the heating plate, or the pot bladder is not flattened, so that the heating plate and the pot bladder cannot match, causing the local overheating surface of the heating plate to trip in advance. Method: Wash the rice, put the pot into the pot and turn it back and forth, if there is a foreign object between the gallbladder and the plate, you will know.
(5) The pot bladder is not on this pot, and the arc of the pot bladder and the heating plate is not the same. Method: Change back to the original pot and try again. Note: The rice cooker tripped, indicating that there must be some cause or failure, be sure to find out the cause, rather than blindly pressing and holding the button to force heating, that will burn the heating plate or cause other dangers.
3. Paste pot:
(1) After tripping caused by the above early tripping, it is caused by artificial strong heating. Solution: Find out the cause and solve the trip in advance.
(2) Due to long-term overload or water ingress, the contacts have been inseparable, the magnet is not elastic, and it cannot be bounced up and has been heated to cause a paste pan. Method: high-speed contact spacing, if inelastic or burned, change the contact: replace the magnet.
(3) The magnetic steel tripping temperature is not right, and the magnetic steel tripping temperature for different sizes of pots is different. For example, a 700W pot with a 2500W pot magnet is easy to paste the pot. Method: Change the matching magnet.
(4) Due to heat transfer, heat dissipation and other reasons, iron pot bladder is easy to paste the pan, rust, trachoma, we better not choose iron pot bladder that looks thick and heavy.
4. Burn out the heating plate:
(1) When washing rice or serving rice, the bottom of the pot is deformed and tripped, and artificial strong heating causes the burning plate. (2) The contacts caused by overloaded use or water ingress between long advances cannot be separated or the magnet is inelastic and suction, so it is not possible to replace a new magnet, and then install the heating plate according to the original line

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