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A Little Common Sense You Have to Know about Electric Rice Cookers


Before using the rice cooker, you should carefully read the details in the product instruction manual to understand the basic structure of the rice cooker, so as to master its use and essentials

When washing rice, it is not advisable to wash the rice directly in the inner pot to avoid collision, causing deformation of the bottom of the pot and affecting the use. It is advisable to wash the rice in other containers, then pour it into the inner pot, and then add an appropriate amount of water, and spread the rice flat. If the rice partially extends beyond the surface of the water, it will cause sandwiched rice.

Put the inner pot lightly into the outer shell of the rice cooker, in order to make the bottom of the inner pot have good contact with the electric heating plate, the inner pot should be rotated to the left and right several times after placement.

After inserting the power plug of the rice cooker into the mains outlet, the rice cooker indicator light will turn on, indicating that the rice cooker is connected to the mains, but it does not mean that the rice is cooked, but only for heat preservation. Therefore, every time you cook rice, you must press the switch button to make the rice cooker enter the cooking stage. When the rice is cooked, the button automatically resets, and the indicator light goes out at the same time, which is a signal that the rice is cooked, and then simmer for 10-15 minutes, the rice is more cooked, more fluffy and delicious.

After the rice is cooked, the cooking indicator will turn off and the heat preservation indicator will light up, indicating that the rice cooker will automatically keep warm between 60-80 degrees Celsius. Below 60 degrees Celsius, the cooking indicator lights up and the rice cooker starts heating up. Above 80 degrees Celsius, the heating stops automatically. If you do not need to keep warm, you should unplug the power plug.

Before use, you should check whether the power supply is in line with 220V AC, 380V AC can not be connected to the rice cooker, otherwise the rice cooker will burn out. Too low voltage will prolong the cooking time, or even not cook, so users should pay attention to this.
The rice cooker belongs to Class I appliances, in order to ensure the safety of use, the user must install a reliable grounding ground wire before using the rice cooker, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents.
The plug on the rice cooker power cord is a special plug for the rice cooker, and it should not be changed without permission. To change, a three-pin plug with sufficient capacity should be used, and the wire should be connected according to the original wiring method, of which the yellow and green two-color conductor must be grounded and cannot be connected incorrectly.
When placing the rice cooker, it should be placed on a board with good insulation performance (such as porcelain or cement surface), and should not be used on wood products or flammable materials to avoid accidents.

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