Don't miss out on electric rice cookers tips

The rice cooker uses eight cold knowledge: 1. The power plug of the rice cooker should be connected to the power distribution socket of the lamp head or desk lamp. Because the wire of the general desk lamp is thinner, the current carrying capacity is small, and it is easy to age, or melt when heated. The power of the rice cooker is large, and the current is also large, which will make the lamp wire heat, causing electric shock, fire and other accidents.


Tips for using rice cookers, eight cold knowledge to eliminate safety hazards

The characteristics of the rice cooker are intelligent, the comprehensive function is selected according to the taste, it is more convenient to use, and the correct use of the rice cooker not only makes the rice more delicious and nutritious, but also can greatly extend the service life of the rice cooker.


Introduction to Electric Rice Cooker Working Principle of Electric Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is a kitchen and bathroom appliance that is available in every kitchen, which provides great convenience for our daily diet. We all know how to use it, but the relevant knowledge of the rice cooker may not be particularly understood, today I will introduce you to the working principle of the rice cooker , so that everyone can better understand the rice cooker.


Notes on the use of rice cookers - Introduction to the maintenance of rice cookers

There are 2 types of rice cookers: one is an insulated automatic rice cooker, which automatically keeps warm when the rice is cooked; The other is a timed automatic rice cooker, which automatically controls the cooking according to the meal time.


A Little Common Sense You Have to Know about Electric Rice Cookers

Before using the rice cooker, you should carefully read the details in the product instruction manual to understand the basic structure of the rice cooker, so as to master its use and essentials


Common faults and maintenance methods of rice cookers

Rice cooker maintenance I believe that everyone is more familiar, the rice cooker at home can generally be used for several years, but the use of a long time will inevitably appear such and such problems, but the general rice cooker after a period of use will appear some small failures, then we have to start thinking about how to repair the rice cooker, the following is the common faults of the rice cooker sorted out and rice cooker maintenance methods, welcome to read and reference!


We start from the inside to learn about the maintenance of rice cookers, which you must be aware of

Now the rice cooker is getting smarter and smarter, compared to the previous many more functions, such as a very useful appointment function, before going to bed at night, wash the rice in the discharge rice cooker, make an appointment for a good time, the next morning, there will be warm porridge to eat, is it more reliable than the average warm man? Another rice cooker is also getting cheaper, easy to use, and easy to use. Because of the simple structure, even if some minor failures occur, it can be easily disassembled and inspected inside. In addition, the maintenance of the rice cooker is not difficult, as long as you pay a little attention to it, guarantee, its service life can be very long, how long is it? It's just ten years, is everyone using grandpa's grandfather's rice cooker, next Monkey Jiji will focus on understanding the rice cooker we start from within, and you must know the rice cooker maintenance knowledge, I believe that everyone will have a new understanding of the structure of the rice cooker after reading the above content, and now we will officially introduce the relevant knowledge of rice cooker maintenance knowledge!


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